Insulation makes your home heating more efficient and economical

Insulation is part of the whole home heating package. It helps to keep your home warm in the winter – making the most of what you spend on heating – and cool in the summer.

Air Con New Zealand offers a range of insulation solutions to work hand in hand with your home heating. This includes options for ceiling insulation, insulating your walls, underfloor insulation and even insulation for your hot water cylinder and pipes.

Autex Insulation Pink Batts Terra Lana Nova Therm – InsulPro

Air Con New Zealand are part of the EECA funding program

EECA-LogoWarmer, drier homes bring health benefits especially for those with asthma or other conditions which are made worse by living in cold and damp houses. The Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart programme aims to retrofit more than 188,500 homes across New Zealand so they become easier and cheaper to heat – and warmer, healthier and drier as a result. Be ENERGYWISE.

Air Con New Zealand is an approved service provider for the Warm Up New Zealand: Heat Smart Programme. We can supply and install your clean heat appliance and assist in providing a government approved insulation and heating.

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